Box Alert

Box Alert Dump body supervision technology

The Box Alert is a device alarm that assists the driver in the use of a tipper and warns him in a timely manner of any dangerous or irregular situations.

The device consists of a display and reliable and reliable sensors that monitor the position of the bucket (raised or lowered), the condition of the tailgate latches (locked or unlocked) and the tailgate position (open or closed). According to the direction and speed of the vehicle. As soon as an anomaly occurs, the visual and audible alarm sounds and the monitor indicates the problem on the screen.

The Box Alert thus makes it possible to avoid situations of dump lifted while rolling, of overturning of vehicle, of operator burial during unloading and unintentional spills of the cargo while driving. It is just as dangerous to drive with a tipper dump truck as with an unlocked tailgate. All these situations can be fatal for the operator or for others.

The Box Alert is the most complete and safest on the market because it monitors all aspects of using a dump vehicle. The main advantage of the Box Alert is that it alerts the driver in real danger situations. Under normal operating conditions, the system is not alerted, but only during anomaly detections. This is made possible by the fact that Box Alert is a complete and fully configurable system for modes; Unloading, Rolling and Spreading.

The Box Alert can be integrated with an onboard weighing system and an auxiliary lift axle control device. You need only one system and it meets the SPIF standard. However, stand-alone versions are available.

Canadian patent no. 2,992,348
U.S. patent no. 10,882,447

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